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Monday, June 19, 2006

First Entry

I promised a few people I would start a new blog once my baby was born and became obsolete for my purposes. It was a site to record my feelings about being pregnant and while I found writing in it immensely satisfying (and reading other people's blogs addictive), I'm not longer pregnant, so that particular blog seems to have served its purpose.

My new dilemma is this: do I tell people about my new blog and encourage them to read about my life, or do I allow anonymity to protect my true feelings and thoughts? I often felt that with my family and friends checking my blog on a daily basis to see how my pregnancy was going that I couldn't always be honest about my feelings. While I wrote, I mentally edited the things I didn't want to expose to the people I love. I felt this editing made my stories less true, less heart-felt. How am I to make people feel something when my own words are stilted?

So I am undecided about whether to tell people about this new blog. My reasons for wanting people to know about my blog are purely narcissistic because I want people to read my stories and enjoy reading my blog. Maybe one day I will write something worthwhile, something that could be published. Then I read a truly good book and my hopes are dashed. I could never write as well as those authors. So there, my not-so secret wish is revealed: that by writing in this blog, I will hone my skills enough to be worthy of becoming a published author. Let's see, shall we?

This blog is called Chatter Between Naps not because I will be napping between the postings, but because my young daughter will be. Hopefully. More on her later, I promise you that. In fact, if I manage to write an entry without mentioning her once, it will be something of a miracle.

Ah, my mum has just shown up with a pack of smokes and a bottle of Coke. It's time for us to catch up. I will write more later

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