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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dirty Diapers, Groceries and Eating Too Much

I just got in from having a smoke. Great weather out there. I wish it was always like this. Just survived the hottest f'n weekend I can remember. Spent two days in the car, first driving to Peterborough, then driving back. With a two and half month old infant sweating in the back seat, my husband sweating beside me and me. Also sweating. K was so hot, I thought she had heatstroke. I should have been sitting back there, wiping her with a wet cloth or something. We have all revived, but it was one bloody hot weekend. Lovely wedding and totally worth, but dear lord, I am happy to be back in air conditioning.

Anyway, I got groceries today and an old man asked me if my baby was for sale. I told him that we thought she was pretty cute and decided to keep her. Maybe next time. He tried to get her to smile and K, the smileyest of babies, would not smile. She just stared at him like the crazy old man he was. She is already a good judge of character. She probably heard him ask if she was for sale and didn't appreciate it. Good judge of character, but not a very good sense of humour apparently.

Then I got home and made a huge salad for B's lunch (he's on afternoons) and made one for me while I was at it. Then K was hungry so I nursed her and instead of eating my beautiful salad afterwards, I gorged on pickled herring, cheese and crackers, a peice of Montreal smoked meat and a gulp of Pepsi. Why didn't I eat that gorgeous salad? Because it's salad. Did you really need an answer for that?
Huh, sounds like the nap is over. Guess I will have to tell you about the dirty diaper next time (just kidding).


Anya_5 said...

Pickled herring? I can't do it.

littlemama said...

it's so yummy, esp with cream cheese and wheat thins. I know it SOUNDS gross, but's sooooo good