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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Daily Chai Plans an Ice Cream Heist

Today's chai was...*hangs head* I'm sorry. I really am. I feel like I'm failing you all when I don't report on a real latte. I try to make it interesting, but sometimes it's just so hard. Never fear though! Tuesday should prove chai-ful and happy, I promise.

The kids and I have been on the go all week, so today we took it easy. Woke up late, lay around, sat in the lovely sun and read, while the girls played games together etc. I told Kate I was sorry that I didn't spend the day entertaining her, but sometimes it's good to have a quiet day. She agreed. It can't all be African Lion Safaris and beaches, you know! I dropped her off at a friend's for the evening and Anna and I went to McDonald's for dinner since Kate now steadfastly refuses to eat there. Good girl, I can't really blame her. It makes me laugh because she said it's so unhealthy, she just can't eat it anymore, but the kid would live on toast, freezies, chocolate, popcorn and milk if I let her.  But McDonald's? Forget it. Too unhealthy.

As we ordered Anna's McNugget Meal, she looked at me with those pretty blue eyes and said, "Nuggets are tasty, right Mum?" "Yes, Anna." "But they aren't healthy, are they?" "No, Anna, it's a treat." Our server snickered behind her cash register.

On the way home from getting Kate at her friend's house, I saw a Chapman's truck and told the kids we should hijack it.

"Why, mum?"

"Um, because it's full of ice cream, duh."

"Ohhhhh, okay, let's do it!"

"All right. We'll just tie the driver up and open the back and sit there and eat all the ice cream. And when the cops find us, we'll just be like, 'Ahhhhhh ice cream, so full, can't run away.'"

Giggles from the back seat, "OR, we could quick get in, steal like, three tubs of ice cream, and then run out and back to our car before they even know what's happening. Hurry, Mum, catch up to the truck!"

With our plans for the great ice cream heist solidified, Anna said we could eat all the ice cream because she's allergic. She isn't, she just doesn't really like ice cream. I told her that I'm not sure she belongs to me. Kate added that she really only likes the waffle cones and not the ice cream. I told her that I'm not sure she belongs to me. I told them I always have room for ice cream, even after eating everything available at a buffet, there is always room. I figure it just kind of runs into the cracks of food in my stomach. Then I told them how I ate that vanilla peanut butter cup ice cream for dinner one night when I didn't have them.

"Mom! You are in so much trouble! I liked THAT ice cream. I can't believe you ate it without me,  you need to be punished."

"Meh. You weren't around. It needed to be eaten."

"Mum, can I have your phone for a sec? Thanks. HA! That's your punishment, I took your phone away! Sucker!"

Lovely girl.

Also, the other day at the movies, I decided to save some money and buy snacks at the grocery store to smuggle into the theatre in my backpack. As I was paying for the tickets, Anna looked up at the cashier with the biggest, shit-eatingist grin on her face I ever seen on anyone, anywhere and said, "We don't need to buy candy!" "Kate! Take your sister over to the arcade while I finish getting our tickets, please." That little punk almost ratted me out. Never trust a four year-old to be subtle.


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