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Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy (Late) Halloween

We (meaning me and Kate, because Brad was on the afternoon shift) had a pretty good Halloween. I managed to not only give out some candy, but I visited people too. My mum and my in-laws were really pleased to see Kate and I arrive to "trick or treat" I even got some candy out of it! I ate so much chocolate in one night, I've been suffering from withdrawal all week.

I got Kate's costume on eBay (I'm telling you, eBay ROCKS). It was way too big, even if it was labelled 6-9 months, it would have easily fit my little friend E who is 18 months! So I ripped it all apart and made it many inches shorter and it turned out so cute-don't you think?
I was thinking I could use it as a pattern for next year and make her a little black bear costume or something. I have so much fake fur it's not even funny. Of course, it would probably be much easier to just BUY a pattern and use IT as a pattern, being as that's what they are for. We'll see how much time I have next year. Try none. Store bought costumes from now on.

I took a picture of my stomach to document what it looked like seven months later. I'm not publishing it here, but I have to say, I was pretty happy with the difference. My stomach is flatter than it was at 15 weeks, which was my first belly shot. I guess that means I'm back to normal.

Brad and I went this Indian food place and got take-out from their buffet yesterday. Oh. My. GOD they make good food. It's really amazing how much you can fit in a take-out tray when you try. They had fresh fruit too, so I stuck a banana in my pocket on the way out (which Brad made fun of later). I figured I had four servings of fruits and vegetables in one sitting, which totally rocks!

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Anya_5 said...

I'm glad you sold your chair. Why won't anyone buy my table.

Anyone want to buy a table?