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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Success...Well, Sort Of

Today, my baby VOLUNTARILY opened her mouth when I offered her food! The food offered? Broccoli! Who knew that a child that came from me would prefer vegetables over fruit? Well, not entirely sure that's true because later she was offered a pear (mostly eaten by me) and she grabbed hold of it and used her two teeth to chew away on it. I think she just doesn't like baby food. I can't really blame her, what the hell does straining do to fruit to make it taste that shitty?

Anyway, another mommy friend told me Kate would probably prefer 'real' food to jarred baby food and cereal and she was right. The broccoli was just something from our dinner that I cooked a little longer. I think the bright green intrigued her and she opened her mouth like she does when she sees a favourite toy (right before stuffing as much of said toy into her mouth as possible). Can't say that she particularly enjoyed the broccoli once it was in her mouth, but lo and behold, she opened her mouth for a second helping. After that, forget it. Turned head and pursed lips reigned.

Anyway, tonight a good friend came over and man, she is one crazy girl! She loves babies and dogs and she just gets right down there with them to play. Today she was jumping up and down and talking to Kate and I have to say-Kate loved it. She even giggled out loud which is something she doesn't normally do unless she is physically stimulated (tickling, etc). It was hilarious. Kate was in her Bumbo chair rocking back and forth, like she was trying to dance, laughing her head off. This girl is the type of person you want to babysit your kids, because you know she wouldn't just park them in front of the TV, she would actually play with them and take them places. Cool chick.

Today was a crazy day, I was up all night (it seemed) with Kate, who awoke at 1:30 am and decided it was time to party. She didn't (would NOT) go back down until 5 am. Needless to say, with a killer sore neck and very little sleep, I wasn't really in the mood to party. Then, of COURSE, she slept most of the afternoon, so I got some shuteye then, but GOD. So, here I am at 1 am, not able to sleep, but tired nonetheless. This SUCKS!

I'm reading Jane Eyre again. I don't really remember it from the first time around, except that I felt I was struggling thru it. Now I find myself really enjoying it and wondering what will happen to Jane next. I've just gotten to the part where the owner of the school she's attending has made her stand on a stool in the middle of the great hall and told everyone she is a liar, but her nice headmistress has asked her the truth of her past and believes what Jane says. Altho I find it hard to believe anyone would be as cruel to a child as Mrs. Reed is to her niece Jane, I admire Jane's courage to stand up to her at the last, when Mrs. Reed lies about her character and behaviour. I find myself rooting for poor, downtrodden little Jane. I have a feeling that when I'm finished Jane Eyre I'll once again be convinced that I will never write anything worthwhile.

By the by, I may get some flak for this next comment, but I just finished re-reading The Secret Garden and I have to say, it's not that great! I know it's a beloved book and a classic, but the writer was a bit of a manic about flowers and the weather and let's face it, neither subject is very exciting. I can only handle so many passages describing the heather on the moor and the wind whistling through the eves. To be fair, it IS called The Secret Garden, so descriptions of flowers should be expected, but oh my God, enough! Also, I found myself re-reading certain sentences because vague pronouns and misplaced commas made it hard to read. In one sentence, a pronoun was missing altogether! I found myself wondering if the author ever listened to her editor.

Ah well, it's easy enough for me to criticize books, but I've never had the imagination to write one, have I?

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