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Friday, January 26, 2007

First Haircut and Retarded Self-Help Books

Yesterday, after Kate fell asleep, I gave her a hair cut. It looks pretty good except now she looks more like a boy than ever! At least she has proper bangs now, instead of those annoying wispy bits of hair that went everywhere. And I have all these mini barrettes now that I can put in her hair so that people know she's a girl. It's kind of funny, because I find it annoying when she is wearing pink and people think she's a boy, but really, who cares? So people think she's a boy, it's not like it will last long and she'll grow up emotionally scarred because she was mistaken for a boy all the time. She doesn't know the difference, so she doesn't care! Cutting her hair for the first time made me feel nostalgic. Not too much more time before I go back to work :(
MSN was featuring a video series about this book called Babyproofing Your Marriage. One of their 'tips' was the Five Minute Fix, which is giving your husband a blowjob instead of having sex with him. Apparently, of the men interviewed, most agreed that they would do whatever their wife wanted (babysitting, housework, with a smile no less!) if they got regular blowjobs. This is just wrong on so many levels. First of all, how ridiculous is it to suggest giving a blowjob instead of sex? If I don't feel like sex, why on earth would I feel like giving my husband a blowjob? Secondly, the authors reason that it will get him off your back for a couple days without rejecting him completely. Honey, if you are just trying to get your husband off your back for a few days, why don't you try TALKING to him? Treating him like a chauvenistic pig isn't good for anybody. I know, I know, guys would rather get the blowjob than a heart-to-heart, but sometimes life sucks (or, in this case doesn't, ha ha). Thirdly, the authors, after interviewing many couples, found that women wanted more help, with the kids and the housework and guys wanted more sex. So the solution is a blowjob for him so he will help you clean the dishes? Fuck that, if my husband can't wash the dishes without me 'sexually servicing' him, I'd rather just wash the damn things alone! I'm not saying that our sex life is perfect, or that the occasional blowjob wouldn't help, but seriously, this is the solution three authors came up with to help millions of couples with kids? Here is a review I found: Jenna's Review It wasn't very flattering and I'm glad I read it before wasting my time with the book! Frankly, I'm a little disappointed with MSN for featuring such crap.
If a book like this can get published, surely I can write something worthwhile!

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