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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

There Should Be People Who Do This For a Living

One broken latch, three stripped screws, one broken drill bit, two useless packs of latches, four skinned knuckles, three un-needed holes drilled into my cupboards and one blood blister later, I have managed to attach childproof latches to my four drawers in the kitchen. I'm very proud. Well, sorta proud. Already I hate them. Everytime I open a drawer *THUNK* and the drawer stops short of actually opening. And then *THUNK* the drawer stops as it's closing. I know it's better and safer for Kate since she is starting to "cruise" around the place and one of her favourite things is to open the drawers. She hasn't pinched her fingers yet, but our drawers are mean, I've been bitten by them myself. Anyway, this is what Kate thinks of my babyproofing:

She has had a fever for almost 48 hours. Well, an off and on fever. Low-grade, probably induced by teething, but it's still a fever. I know low fevers are actually good because it means she's strong and fighting something, but it still freaks me out that my baby has a fever. Words like, "fever spiked" and "deadly infection" keep buzzing in my head like angry bees, ready to sting if I pay too much attention to them.

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