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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Daily Chai Talks Candy

Today's chai was perfect. Thank god, because I really didn't want to complain to that lovely girl who now gets my chai ready for me the moment she sees me coming through the door.

I had the following conversation with Anna:

Anna: I want candy.

Me: I don't care. You didn't eat your dinner, so you don't get candy. That is the rule and we are sticking with it.

Anna: I want candy [begins to cry].

Me: I don't care. Hey, why don't I cut your bangs?

Anna: I want...okay. But you need a brush and scissors.

Me: I can arrange that.

Anna: Okay.

I get the required tools. I cut her bangs. They look fabulous, straight across, four year old style.

Anna: I look pretty. I'm still sad though. I want candy. Can I have some?

Me: No Anna. You didn't eat dinner. You can't have candy if you don't eat dinner. I've explained this. If you eat candy and nothing else, it will hurt your tummy.

Anna: I want candy.

Me: I don't care.

Anna: I want candy [sticks out stellar pouty lip and begins crocodile tears again].

Me: [starting to laugh a little] I don't care.

Anna: I want...[here, a brief pause as she reconsiders tactics] Give it to me!

Me: No.

Anna: Give it to me!

Me: No [laughing harder]

Anna: STOP LAUGHING AT ME! I WANT CANDY! GIVE IT TO ME! [begins crying in earnest]

Me: No.

Anna: You...Why...I want...GIVE IT TO ME!

Me: [now shaking with laughter] No. No Dinner, no candy.

Anna: Stop laughing at me! I want candy and I hate dinner. I need a cuddle!

Me: [Herculean effort to make serious face] Okay Anna, come here and I'll give you a cuddle.

Anna: I want candy.


Ten minutes later, we are happily watching Mako Mermaids (some of us are more happy than others about this). Anna just looked at me and said, "Can I have candy now?"


Anonymous said...

Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm really glad I don't have children :-) - SC

littlemama said...

You can borrow mine if you ever change your mind