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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Daily Chai Thinks Humanity is Screwed

Today's chai is just a blur as I frantically tried to keep my head above water at work today.

So the net is buzzing about this guy that said, "fuck her right in the pussy" to a news reporter yesterday and has subsequently been fired from his job as a result of his incredible stupidity and vulgarity. In case you have not been checking your feeds on any of your social media, you can read about it by clicking here. Also, #FHRITP does indeed stand for "fuck her right in the pussy." Apparently this hashtag has been "trending since last year".

I have so many, many things to say about this hoopla.

First of all, what kind of phrase is "fuck her right in the pussy" anyway? You seriously couldn't come up with anything better? Being as there are limited places you can fuck a woman, this is the type of blatantly obvious instruction that stupid guys apparently need because if you didn't say it, they wouldn't know what to do with their penises. I just don't even understand how this phrase became an insult to yell out to random strangers.

Second of all, why on earth is this phrase TRENDING for the past year? What is there to trend? Do people bitch about women on Twitter and then hashtag it with #FHRITP? I mean, I get why it's trending TODAY, because of the hoopla over this incident, but trending for the past year? Why? It's a ridiculous phrase that barely makes sense as an insult. Oh jeez, my old lady is really bumming me out better #FHRITP. Whoa, did you see that hot bitch #FHRITP. Seriously? Is this how we talk to each other now? Is this how we communicate our ideas?

Third of all, What. The. Fuck? Who the hell yells such a vulgar, sexually explicit, disrespectful and, let's be honest, violent bit of filth a) to a women, b) to a stranger, c) to a reporter and d) on camera?

a) Men, seriously, MOST OF YOU ARE A THREAT TO MOST WOMEN. I'm not saying all men are rapists, very far from it. But almost all men can, if they wanted to, overpower most women. You have physical strength over us that cannot be denied. I have never in my life felt safe walking down the street at night alone. I have made sure, my entire life, that I do not put myself in situations where I could be raped or murdered. Not because I think most men are rapists, but because some men are and if they spotted me alone and decided to attack me, I would be powerless to fight them off. Do you have ANY IDEA what it's like to always, always have to be on the alert to strangers, to men that might decide that I'm their next victim? I bet you don't. I bet you have never thought twice about going for a stroll in the evening on your own. I bet it doesn't occur to you to have a safety plan when you go out drinking with your buddies. Sadly, this is just reality to women. Again, not because all men are rapist pigs, but because you all have the potential to be one. So, yelling, "Fuck her right in the pussy," is threatening, it makes women feel unsafe, it makes them feel vulnerable and it reminds us, ONE MORE TIME, that if you choose to be a rapist pig, it's very likely you will succeed.

b) Strangers are people just like us. Just because you don't know her, know her thoughts, know her dreams, know what she had for breakfast, whether she has kids, if she's married, is she smart, does she look at the stars at night, just because you don't CARE ABOUT HER, doesn't mean she doesn't feel embarrassed, angry, sad or hurt the same way you do. If I just randomly screamed at you, "Go fuck yourself, ya creepy bastard!" for no other reason but I thought it would be funny, would that bother you? I'm guessing at the very least, you would be confused and little angry that this crazy woman yelled something so rude at you for no reason. I bet you'd even indignantly tell your buddies about the crazy bitch that screamed at you. So just because she is a stranger and therefore no consequence to you, your words hurt. They leave scars. They are cruel. They are stupid. Think about your own self and your own feelings before you randomly insult strangers.

c) Reporters are public figures doing a job. You may not like what she's reporting, but she's just doing her job. It doesn't give you the right to scream obscenities at her, especially vulgar, threatening obscenities. I fucking hate paying for hydro, but you don't see me screaming at the meter-reader when he comes around to see how much they're going to gouge me this month for the power I need to keep my house running. The other thing about reporters is that they are symbols of our freedom of speech. We live in a pretty great country where we can speak our minds and give our opinions without fear of prosecution, but that freedom is limited to not hating on people with our speech. You can't hide behind "freedom of expression dude!" when your speech infringes on everyone else's right to live safe lives. Living in a safe society, where people, both women AND men, are never assaulted or harassed OVERRIDES the freedom of expression argument. You can't just shout out whatever you want, whenever you want and say it's freedom of speech. That is simply not how it works. There are higher laws than that and you damn well know that's true. Yelling filth at a reporter just shits in the face of your precious freedom of speech.

d) On camera dude. Seriously. It's 2015. That shit is all over the internet and the internet is forever. That one simple moment in your history was caught on camera and that is all you will ever be for the rest of your life. The guy that yelled, "Fuck her right in the pussy!" To a woman reporter. On camera. You are pretty much the dumbest human being on the planet. Oh, besides the other five or six guys that were involved and yelling the same thing. You are also stupid. I hope you all get fired when they identify you. Having read the article that I pointed out above, I am absolutely flabbergasted that this is a thing that is yelled at women reporters often. One reporter had it screamed in her mic three times in one day. Why?

Some of you may be offended that I typed out the full phrase, "Fuck her right in the pussy," but I will tell you exactly why I'm writing it out in full and not sugar-coating it by using FHRITP and F**k her right in the p***y. Because, my faithful and wonderful readers, maybe if people read it enough times in its full vulgar, hateful, sleazy, obscene, plebeian, rude, offensive, violent and disgusting lowliness, it will hit home what a terrible thing it is to say. To anyone. Ever.



David tz said...

This is the first I've heard of this controversy, and although I agree with your sentiment, don't you think you are over reacting a little bit? After all, he lost his job, maybe his home and all the respect of every person on the internet, including family and friends. I think karma hit him back pretty bad. I have no sympathy for him, but I think YOU are wasting your time on this garbage. Better than this.

Megan King said...

I think you are missing the point of this post. You can never "overreact" to sexual harassment. It is never okay. It is never funny. It never "just a joke." Yes, I am better than some dummy who sexual harasses a woman in her work environment, and because of that, I'm not "wasting my time" speaking out against it. It is never a waste of time to stick up for people who are being harassed and to speak out against it. It's about creating awareness.

David tz said...

Reaction is good. Speaking out and bringing awareness to it is important. I don't think you're wrong. I just think maybe you're letting it get to you a little too much, but then again my opinion doesn't really matter as I am a part of the problem by gender association. It doesn't affect me in the same way as it would you.

Susan said...

I'm going to jump in here. It is important for people to speak out about this, it has been going on for over a year now world wide, it isn't an isolated instance. One of the biggest movements right now in the womens rights is the He for She campaign, where Men stand up for the equality of women, that it isn't right to harass in any instance and that no matter what, silence in these matters is never the answer. That's my 2 cents anyway.

David tz said...

Agreed, but let's not go to the extreme opposite and start hating all men for the actions of a few... We need dialogue not reaction. It makes us all bitter and resentful when we react by instinct. I'm well-versed in this kind of reaction and it hasn't helped me any...

Megan King said...

My post wasn't about hating all men. It was about hating stupid men. I lump stupid women in there too, don't worry. And I think my post has created exactly what you said we need, a dialogue ;)