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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Feeding a Baby

She looks very pleased for herself, doesn't she? I think she was particularly proud that she managed to get some on her forehead, where even the nicest person couldn't say it was anywhere near her mouth.

Introducing Kate to solids has not really been a very fun experience. She does not like anything at ALL and she turns her head away and purses her lips tightly. Sometimes she cries and sometimes she wags her head back and forth with a maniacal grin on her face and I'm quite, quite, sure she knows exactly how frustrating she's making this for me. I'm not one to compare her to other babies because I think that puts unfair pressure on her AND me, but I can't help thinking about how my friend's babies have taken to solids. They are the same age and when THEY see the spoon coming, THEY opens their mouthes and gulp whatever's being offered right down. They even cry if their mothers don't keep it coming. It's actually kind of funny and reminds me of A Clockwork Orange.

Kate, on the other hand, isn't going to be tricked, cajoled, persuaded, jollied, teased or forced into eating anything that isn't coming directly from my breast. I have told myself that my breastmilk is so damn delicious that she won't even consider an alternative.

Hi Ho.

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Anya_5 said...

Nice pic! She looks happy to be eating (or is she just smiling for the camera???).