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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Daily Chai and the Power of Dance

Today's grande Chai Latte is perfect. Spicy, not too milky, hot and delicious. The only thing that would make it better would be an inutile bacon wrapped Canadian maple donut, but I have a feeling that is a whole different blog post. 

Feeling nostalgic and to soothe my soul last night, I downloaded Pink Flyod's The Wall (remastered for iTunes!). When I was a teenager, I would play the CD on repeat every night to fall asleep. I realized last night that I must have been more crazy as a teenager because as the strident chords of Goodbye Cruel World came out of my phone, I thought, I will never fall asleep to this. I remember this being much more peaceful and calming. Maybe I just played Comfortably Numb on repeat? However, the brain works in mysterious ways and suddenly it was 2:00 a.m. and Pink was lamenting about Vera Lynn and wondering what had become of her. I sat bolt upright in bed, rummaged like a drunken sophomore for my phone on my bedside table and turned the music off. Enough Pink Floyd for one night. Dammit, I just realized I had it on shuffle. I think most people will agree that you can't listen to the epic story of The Wall on shuffle. Just isn't done. 

The girls and I like to listen to music in the morning at breakfast and dance or sing (loudly and tunelessly) along. I don't play kids' music though, it's usually top forty type of stuff (they are currently crazy for Taylor Swift's Blank Space). Today, for a change of pace, I quietly put The Wall back on and hummed along while I made sandwiches for lunch. Anna came over to to me with her arms in the air, did a spin and asked me if that was ballet. 
"Yes, pretty much. You got it sister." (I can hear the dancers howling with indignation). 
Says Kate, "Not really Anna. Here, I'll show you. Mom, does she die at the end of Swan Lake or does she just fall asleep?"
"She dies."
"Oh. Ok. So Anna, we're going to pretend she goes to sleep because it's inappropriate for you to pretend to be dead. So. You come out on the stage on your tiptoes with you hands over your head, spin three times and then fall gently to the floor, asleep. That's the entire play, okay? Let's practice. "
And practice they did. To the completely inappropriate, but classic Run Like Hell. 

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