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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Daily Chai and Queen of the Land of Passive Aggressivia

I haven't left the house today so I don't have a Chai latte to tell you about. Sad. Anyone want to help a girl out?

Someone pointed out to me yesterday that my blog posts are a passive aggressive way to communicate via electronic media. To that I say, yes indeedy! Sorry about that. But I like to write and I haven't for a long time. My need for expression these days has been coming out in unhealthy ways and my hope is that my posts will balance me and give me an outlet to be healthier in my everyday life. I can't guarantee they will always be entertaining, but I do so like to make you laugh, so I hope during my rants, my nonsense and my general batshit crazy girl outpourings that you occasionally chuckle and don't take anything too personally. My opinions are my own and they are based on stories I hear from people and my own experiences. If you think I'm talking about you...I might be, but I'll never tell. If something rings true to you that just means I've done my job and connected with you in this harsh, cruel world. Not a bad thing, when you think about it.

I have a whole, glorious weekend to myself in which I have not made any plans except to get drunk tonight with my friend. For a girl who is constantly moving and planning, I find this refreshing. The downside is that I don't have anything funny to write about. Maybe tomorrow, in my hangover haze, I will have some stories to tell ;)

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