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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Daily Chai is Suffering From Sushi Coma

Today's chai was lovely.

I'm late getting this in and I'll make it short, brutal and sweet, you see if I don't! I went for dinner today with an old friend and we ate sushi until our eyes bulged. I have a sushi baby bump that I'm quite proud of and I even think it's a little lope-sided, just like a real baby bump. To all my sushi-loving friends, I did you proud tonight.

The drawback is that I'm now sluggishly suffering from sushi coma and can't form a coherent thought in my head.

uh...and then I went...uh

and....I think there might have been....a dog?

Where was I?

 Oh right, sushi. It was good.

Moving on. I had this random thought today and decided I could expand on it and make it a funny blog post, but do you think I can fucking remember what it was? No. I cannot. Balls. Literally sitting here with my face in my hands staring blankly at my screen. Nothing.

Moving on. Have you ever had an enormous crush on someone that you can't act on? It sucks. Just saying.

Moving on. I'm getting my girlies back tomorrow night! I'm going to take notes about all the ridiculous things they say and write about it here. They drive me crazy half the time, but the other half, they have me laughing hysterically. Plus, I love exploiting them for my own personal gain, it's what good mothering is all about.

There you have have it. Short (much less lengthy than my usual literary vomit), brutal (really nothing of value said) and sweet (I mentioned my kids).


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