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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Chai Latte - Vacation Day 7

Today's latte was again of the Oprah variety. Not sure I liked this one so much. Oh well. Life soldiers on with good lattes and bad.

I'm sitting in the car with Kate and Anna, waiting for the ferry. I'm on my phone and Kate's on her iPad. I have completely failed as a parent by forgetting my iPad for Anna so she is currently freaking out, tears streaming down her face and screaming, "I WANT YOUR IPAD!" Her Goovey Girl doll was just catapulted in my direction. As it softly hit my lap, I'm sure she is thinking it didn't quite have the shock and awe effect she was going for. Childishly, I hurled it back in her direction and asked if she liked having things thrown at her. From the look on her face and the fact that it hasn't come back in my direction, I would say, No, she did not like that. 

And I let her cry because she will eventually stop when she realizes no one is paying attention to her tantrum. Five minutes later and she has indeed stopped. As I'm writing this, she came over and kissed my shoulder. Crisis over.

Anna also seems to have a desire for disaster. She keeps talking about how we're going to drive into the water and crash. Or get lost and miss the ferry home and never get home again. I told her I'm a grown up and know how to do stuff and that everything will be okay. Jeez. Have some faith.    

Later the same day....

What a great day wandering around Victoria. We arrived on Vancouver Island around 12:30 and went immediately to get gas and MacDonalds (Dear Big Mac for what we're about to receive, oh let us be truly thankful!) and then continued to The Butterfly Gardens about 20 minutes from Victoria. Basically the same as the Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge but with more birds. Flirty birds. The kids loved it so that was good. 

After that we went into Victoria which is just a beautiful city on the water. We shopped and went sightseeing. Kate is thrilled with her new Converse from Baggins Shoes which has the largest selection of Chucks in Canada (and possibly the world, or so the pamphlet reads). Quite fortunate that I promised Kate new Converse for the summer and that perhaps we would find a pair on our trip. Success! BEST MOM EVER! Finally, after all my fails. 

Just walking along the wharf looking at the boats is very soothing for me, perhaps because some of my fondest childhood memories were spent on Georgian Bay on our motor boat. I want to learn how to sail! We watched the seaplanes land and take off for several minutes and we all agreed that the next time we come, we're taking one of them instead of the ferry. 

I played tag with the kids and gave them piggy backs on the lawn of the Parliment buildings. Exhausting. Then we met up with a coworker of mine and Kate wanted to know if he would want to play tag too. I said I highly doubted it and she asked me if I had a pocket watch.

"What kind of question is that? No, I don't have a pocket watch. Normal people do not carry pocket watches around Kate. Why do you ask?"

"I was going to use it to hypnotize him so he will play tag."

Okay. Moving on. 

Off to dinner at the Flying Otter instead! Good fish and chips! British Columbians seem to really like the idea of flying animals because I had dinner at the Flying Pig in Gastown on Wednesday. Anyway, it was great to see him in his home province as we usually only talk on the phone or see each other when he comes for quarterly meetings at head office. Good times. 

On the drive back to the ferry, the girls were playing an elaborate game where Kate is a vlogger. Suddenly Anna howls from the back, "Kate just fired me mommy!"

"Why did you fire Anna, Kate?" 

"She wasn't doing what I wanted her to do, so I fired her." 

Okay. Awesome.

"Anna, just start your own vlog so you can't get fired. Are you guys actually recording this on your iPad?" 

"Oh...Can I do that?"

Megan hangs head. 

And still later the same day.....

Finally home, 11:00 pm and both kids have fallen asleep in the car. As I got my sweet Anna out of the back seat, she woke up and sleepily said, "This was a good day mummy" Yes it was, baby, yes it was. And hey look, I managed to get there and get home without crashing, drowning or getting lost. Wonders never cease. 

View from the ferry on route to Victoria

Well, hello there. Did you know flamingos sound just like geese?

Butterflies eating their dinner

My new boyfriend. Got pretty fresh with me for a first date

And then he cheated on me with a pretty blonde. Typical

And again with the cheating. Birds. Pfft

I love how happy these butterflies make Kate. 

Converse Heaven. 

Inner Harbour in Victoria

These beautiful painted Orcas were all over the place in Victoria

On the lawn of the parliament buildings

This guy was just wandering around loose. We named him Fred. 

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