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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Daily Chai - Vacation Day 1

Today's chai latte was purchased at the airport, I lied yesterday when I said my next one would be purchased in Vancouver, I just couldn't wait that long, sorry. It was very spicy and a little bit too sweet. Ah well, I'm off to Vancouver with my adorable little people. Kate also wants to get in on the the Daily Chai fun, so she wrote a message to everyone too.

Woke up at the crack of stupid for no other reason than Anna wanted to know if it was wake up time yet. No, go back to sleep. But the sky's awake mom! Oh Jesus, I hate that movie. Thank goodness for TV, I was able to distract her with that and get a few more zzz's although I'm still dead tired.

Went down for breakfast around 9. Got in shit for making pyramids with the creamers. I get it. Kids make a mess and the creamers roll everywhere and end up on the floor. Kids also have sticky fingers and they are touching the containers and making them sticky and people complain about it. Personally, I think kids are gross and I won't eat food that they've touched, so I don't blame people for getting irritated about the creamers being used as toys. But still. Really? Besides, my kids are so fussy about having clean hands, I'm pretty sure they both have OCD.

Anna tried French toast for the first time and her comment was, "It tastes like eggs." Since I have never seen her voluntarily eat eggs, I don't know how she knows this, but yay, she ate it all instead of wasting my money (pet peeve #248: buying food in a restaurant that the kids won't eat even though they chose it). 

We took a shuttle from the hotel to the airport and Anna wanted to know if this was the airplane. No, Anna, this is the bus. Are we at the airport? No, Anna, we're still in the parking lot of the hotel. 

Sadly, I forgot that I had filled my SpongeBob Sigg water bottle to the brim at the hotel and had to drink the entire contents at the security check or they were going to throw our beloved bottle out. That bottle has travelled all over the world with us and I could see from the horrified look on Kate's face that she was readying herself for a freak out if they dared to take it away. They asked me how old Anna was and apparently four is too old to allow water. Three year olds can be well hydrated but those four year olds can shrivel into dust for all they care. Anyway, I took one for the team and drank every drop. SpongeBob bottle is safe. Bladder, not so much.

Took the kids on the moving sidewalk just for fun and I almost peed my pants laughing at Anna. She put one foot on it and almost ended up doing the splits as she left her other foot on firm ground. Classic. Kate and I are having hysterics and Anna is looking at us with the bemused expression she often wears when she doesn't understand why she's so funny. What a good natured kid. Unless she wants candy and you don't give it to her. 

Kate was reading the safety material on the plane and got excited about using slides to get off the plane. "Do we really get to do that mom?" Sure. Wait, what? Kate, that's only if we crash. Oh. Very disappointed. 

Later that day.....

Flying with children is...exhausting. They were pretty good, although Kate seemed to suffer from motion sickness to the point of tears. They both slept for about an hour, but sadly I did not. Also, after Kate woke up she asked every ten minutes how much longer it would be before we landed. About ten minutes less than the last time you asked that kid. Yes, but MUM, HOW MUCH LONGER? *sigh* Anna kept talking about crashing. Loudly. As in "Are we going to crash? What happens if we crash? I think we're going to crash. This plane is old, no it's new, but that means it's going to crash. Do planes crash a lot? I think this one is going to crash." And I'm shushing her because I can just imagine the nervous flyers around did not appreciate her constant chatter about a possible fiery death. So chirpy about it too, like it was no big thing. 

We are now safely ensconced at my niece's house, full of pizza and love. Being here again, it feels like I have never been away, funny how a place becomes familiar so quickly.  I am so jet lagged, I can't stop yawning....that's it for tonight folks, but the Daily Chai will be back tomorrow once she hunts down the closest Starbucks. 

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