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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Daily Chai - Vacation Day 3

Today's chai tasted better just because I'm here in Van. It was hot and scalded my tongue, but sweet and delicious. Its dichotomy seems similar to life. Life lessons from a latte. And my philosophical musings are complete for the day.

JUST KIDDING! It's only day 3, I've barely gotten started in my adventure!

The kids woke up at 6:30 this morning which was especially lovely because I was up until two in the morning. My fault, oops! I stumbled off the couch around 8 to feed them and we went off to the park, this time with rubber boots to guard against the morning dew. As we walked down the street to the playground, I looked at the sky, felt that warm sun on my face and thought, "What an absolutely, beautiful, perfect day!" After the kids played for a bit, we walked along Renfew Ravine and picked wild flowers. Kate thinks I'm amazing because I know so much about flowers. Sweet kid because I said, "I have no idea what that is," as often as I gave them (probably an inaccurate) answer. We met a nice fellow walking a dog who turned out to be my niece's neighbour so we walked back to the house with him. He told us about his rescue dog, named Slider, who runs so fast that he skids when he comes to a stop, sliding along the grass.

I listened to an interesting monologue from Anna as she pooed that went something like this, "Don't leave me alone in here, this is a strange bathroom and I'm nervous being alone in it. It's important to go to the bathroom so you don't pee your pants. Your name is Megan and I've known that for a long time. Sometimes you get my name wrong and call me Kate, but I'm not Kate, I'm Anna. But I think there should be two Kates and no Annas because Kate is really nice. Sometimes I hit her when I get mad and that's not nice. I shouldn't hit her. I'm never going to hit Kate again. Sometimes you get really, really mad at me and you yell at me when I hit Kate. I don't like when you yell at me, but you don't do it very often and I love you."

Lovely. Why can't she just poo and be done? And she whacked Kate about an hour later when she got pissed off at her about something. Apparently her bathroom resolution was short-lived.

My niece's stepdad had a birthday yesterday so today we decided to have a "grownups only" afternoon and went to the Ukranian Church for a perogy lunch. We got there only to find that it was lined up around the block and not wheelchair accessible. Since my sister-in-law is currently wheelchair bound, this was not going to work for us, so we all headed over to Got Pho on Broadway and Nanaimo and had a delicious meal of Vietnamese food instead. The kids played outside with the neighbour kids while we were gone so my niece had a pretty easy baby-sitting job this afternoon!

After lunch, I took the girls and my niece to Metrotown Mall and finally got her a birthday gift. Wandered around girl heaven for a couple hours, although it was less heavenly when I had to carry my tired four year old. I miss having a stroller. I bribed both girls with new markers and they were pretty happy after that. Not only do I bribe them, I am also one of those annoying mothers that let the kids play in the clothing racks until they start screaming. Then I leave very quickly.

We'll be doing more touristy things this week, but today was just a great hang out day with family and friends. I am so happy to be here with them and for my girls to experience something new and different. Kate texted me from bed tonight to tell me she loved me and thanks for bringing her to BC.

My new favourite app is Timehop. Three years ago today, my status was, "Have you ever doubted yourself but then gotten a  huge boost of confidence because someone believes in you? And put it in writing? And sent it to important people? God, I feel the love today!!! It's a great day to accomplish something important folks - do it - whatever "it" may be for you!"

Even three years ago I was annoyingly optimistic and perky. Some things never change. 

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