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Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Daily Chai is Heart Broken Over Chocolate

Today's Chai came from a real Starbucks and was very tasty. I used my new app with my handy digital payment card which was FABULOUS. I may never carry money again. Then I felt guilty when I got to work because I saw the person that usually makes my latte. I told her I was sorry and that I cheated on her and I would probably do it again. She said she was a little hurt, but that it was okay and she understood. This time.

I have sad news. I heard back from Cadbury. The new packaging for the Cadbury cream egg is not recyclable. They didn't say anything about biodegradable, but I'm going to go with no. So I'm left with a sad choice. Do I give up the candy that I love more than my children and continue to kill the environment one egg package at a time, or do I quit cold turkey and never eat another egg out of protest? I've written back to Cadbury to tell them that I am boycotting their eggs until they can find another way to package them that is more green. And that I'm not going to add their site to my favourites just to spite them. Bastards and their delicious, evil eggs.

I have a couple apologies to make today to certain readers. I am sorry I bashed the colour yellow, your dress was very pretty and I loved it, I was not specifically talking about your dress when I said that yellow was just too fucking chirpy for my liking and I think you looked smashing in that yellow dress. In fact, I wanted to rip it off you and wear it myself. Maybe I was a little jealous about how nice it was and subconsciously, that's where my angry pet peeve came from. I'll never really know my motivation on that one, but you have given me a lot to think about. I would also like to apologize about bashing the Disney princesses because they are all very pretty and when I call you a princess, I don't mean you are like a Disney princess because I still think they are all pretty fucking smug in their princessy-ness, but you are more like a sparkly, glittery princess with a lot of tiaras. And feathers. And I would not describe you as smug at all. So obvi I was not meaning you when I wrote that. It's not always about you, you know! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can hear you laughing right now. Even though I'm not even on your floor, I can hear it.

Someone told me today that if I put as much passion into a business venture as I put into writing my pet peeves, I would be a millionaire. Okay. Cool. And just what business venture would you like me to passionately throw myself into? Maybe this blog IS my business venture, but sometimes passion isn't about making fact...I don't think passion is ever about making money unless your passion is making money. There are people out there that like that and I would like to meet one of them. And possibly marry him.

JUST KIDDING. I am slightly less shallow than that.

I took this picture the other day as I was loading up the car with my kids' and my belongings to go back to their house for the week. I've written before about how my life is about packing and I thought this picture was a perfect representation of the good with the bad. That beautiful sun, with its rays shining through and blurring out my mobile life, is my pain-in-the-ass internal optimistic saying that there are always beauty even on a dark day. That sun is uncontainable, just like me.

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Emma Fonseca said...

Fantastic photo! Captured in perfect timing!