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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Daily Chai - Vacation Day 6

Today's Chai latte is waiting for me at Starbucks. Sadly, it is no longer open. I might cry. Except there are more important things in life than lattes. Hard to believe coming from a soulless latte drinker, I know, but absolutely true.

I took the girls and Zoe's other cousin to Science World today. I'm always nervous being in charge of other people's kids, but this is probably the cutest three year old since Anna that I have ever met. The kids love playing together and I only lost her once. Science World is awesome, much better than the Science Centre in Toronto (sorry Ontarians). The last time I went to the Science Centre, I found it very old and run down with a lot of the exhibits broken or missing pieces. Science World, by contrast, seemed almost brand new, possibly because of Telus' nine million dollar donation in 2005. Every exhibit was interesting, interactive and educational. Perfect. My kids may have the week off school and Kate may fall behind, but she learned stuff today. I think.

The one thing about going to museums with children is that they constantly want to show you stuff, with no regard for the fact that you are already looking at stuff. I appreciate that they are excited and interested in what they are seeing, but I'm reading about beavers here. I'm learning sciencey things and expanding my mind, leave me alone! And they keep forgetting that my name is MEGAN, not mom, so I just didn't answer them half the time. Who is this mom person?

I refused to go to the gift shop. I'm tapped out and it's Wednesday, so no. I also hate the idea of buying something for them every single place we go. I had a conversation today with Anna about how Kate has more things than she does and she wants more things. Oh my darling, sweet, innocent child of my heart, guess fucking what? Life lesson, there are always going to be people that have more than you. Some people are going to have less than you. Life isn't fair. Get used to it fast and you will be happier for your entire life. Appreciate what you do have and have sympathy for people who have less, maybe even try to help them out. Unless you like being sad about people having more stuff. Anna looked at me, burst into tears and said, "But I want as much as Kate!" *sigh*

We ended the day at Zoe's Improv Show which was hysterical, those kids all have some talent, but my niece is the queen bee. The show was set up with two teams competing by doing skits based on audience input and some audience participation. Kate was under a lot of pressure as an audience judge and took her role very seriously. She wanted Zoe's team to win, but she wasn't just giving points away. I love that I'm here again during her shows (I got to catch one last time I was here) and that I can support her dreams just by watching her perform. This girl is going to be famous one day, mark my words.

We're heading to the island tomorrow, go wander around Victoria a bit, meet one of my co-workers for dinner. Looking forward to seeing Victoria again, haven't been there for 20 years or so.

So, until then my faithful readers...

Outside Science World

I love the look of adoration on Anna's face

Inside a giant fir tree

Doesn't matter where I see a T-Rex skeleton, I'm always impressed and I always take a picture. Kind of like Niagara Falls.
You know, your average giant frog carved out of wood. 

Water fun

Air fun

Vancouver Skyline at False Creek

Roger's Arena

Anna was getting cranky about the blocks


David tz said...

Kate is older and has accumulated more stuff over time. When Anna reaches the same age as Kate is now, she will have just as much stuff, but because Kate is always going to be older, she will always have more. Statistics.

littlemama said...

She was talking about the stuft that Kate has accumulated on this trip in particular, but yes, I will use that the next time it comes up.