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Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Daily Chai and What Women Want

The Daily Chai is still suffering from its existential crisis and is now wondering if no one orders it, does it really exist? Just kidding! I just went to a different Starbucks sillies! I got a Venti and a free piece of banana bread, yay me!

On to philosophical musings.

"Women don't need love. Only men need to be loved, sweetheart. Women need to be wanted."
So said wise and batshit crazy Gemma of Sons of Anarchy fame. I don't know why this quote resonates with me so much, but I've often thought about it since I watched Gemma tell Nero what she needed from him. I always thought I was looking for love, for true love. I found it once and I took it for granted, so I lost it. I'm sure I'll find love again, after all, there are an awful lot of wonderful people out there. And I'm your basic eternally optimistic romantic. Both a blessing and curse, I promise you. But is it what I truly want? I'm not so sure anymore. I find more and more that I want to be wanted. I want to know that the person I'm with, when I meet him, wants me in all my silly, thoughtful, crazy, sane, idiotic, smart, funny, serious ways. I'm a trip and I'm a handful and I change my mind daily, so I'm not always a party to be around. When someone really sees me, sees inside my soul and still wants all that...isn't that love in its basic form anyway?

I recently realized I'm the crazy friend. Thank you Facebook for finding that little tidbit of information out. If you would like proof, read this. While Drunk Meg has not been given a special name, I hate the duck face selfie and I don't use snapchat, that list is pretty much me to a "T". And let's be honest, the way I've been partying on my kid-free weekends, my drunken alter ego will be saddled with a moniker soon enough.

I'm sorry. I misled you with my title. I don't know what women want. None of us do.

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