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Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Daily Chai Just Saved My Life

Today's second chai latte might just have saved my life. I was going back home from an evening with my kids when this car comes up right behind me and starts flashing its high beams at me. I wasn't texting or weaving or anything ridiculous like that, just driving.  So I check that my lights are on and they are so I'm just like WTF, right? Well this person keeps flashing me and then keeps them on, shining them right in my mirrors. I'm starting to get a little worried but I'm thinking maybe my brake lights don't work or something but really, what the hell do you expect me to do about it right this second? Do you really think I'm going to pull over on a dark highway and say, "Howdy! What's up fucker?" So you can kindly let me know that my brake lights don't work because you've already proven to be such a great person already? NFW.

After a few kilometres I hit the roundabout and the person turns off. Phew. Not following me all the way in thank god! Then I get into town and see this person behind me again. Not sure of course that it's the same person, but the lights are the same. Not flashing but maybe they're now trying to be stealth as they plot my murder? Jebus. 

That's it! I need a latte! I pull into Starbucks because there is no fucking way I'm going home with that suspicious car following me. The car continues on and I'm in the clear. I text a girlfriend to tell her what happened:

I'm still laughing. Because you fucking know I checked my backseat double quick. 
The latte was great. Spilled it on my hand and found out it was fucking hot. Shock. 

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