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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Daily Chai and How to Screw Up Your Hair

Today's Chai Latte was made by my favourite server in the entire world and she made me laugh just because I made her laugh. We just stood there laughing at each other and she has the MOST ADORABLE laugh on planet Earth. I mean it. I go every day for her laugh as much as the chai.

I've had a rather nasty experience with my hair tonight. Balls. I wanted to go lighter, make it more coppery red. So of course I started with lifting the colour with bleach. I highly recommend you never, ever do this unless you would like your hair to resemble wooly yarn. Even serum and a good straightening job isn't going to fix this. But you know, the end result was kind of fun, blonde roots and red hair. Very Fifth Element. If only I looked like a barely-in-her-twenties Milla Jovovich with that porcelain skin. Sadly, I do not. And I work at an insurance company, I'm not part of a superhero alien race out to save Earth. I'm just a worker bee.

Moving on. Next step. Light, intense copper. Well. That box was not kidding. It's intense. And copper. And looks completely fucking awful with my skin and eyebrows and face in general. Oh god. What have I done? I've ruined my trademark red for this? Yikes.

Kate says she loves it. "It looks sooooooo cool mom, I love it, don't change it!" as I tell her I'm going to have to dye over it. Lovely girl. But she is nine. And she doesn't work at an insurance company. So. Thank goodness I have another box of my old, darker red in the cupboard. I'm like a fucking boy scout, always prepared for a dying emergency.

Step three. Fix bad dye job with regular colour. Only. FUCK MY FUCKING LIFE. My regular colour is no longer reacting the same way because my base is so light and I've already chemically treated my hair twice tonight. So the result is a very, very bright red. Very bright. Red. Please, for the love of all things holy, darken as you develop dear hair dye. Don't let me down.

And now I am sitting here, waiting for the timer to go and hoping, at best, the red is at least cool and at worst, my hair doesn't fall out.

I'm working from home tomorrow.

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Emma Fonseca said...

Oh Megan...I've done this several times over the years...last summer being the most recent and I became 'ginger spice' over night when all I wanted was light brown!   It's quite the experience mentally, emotionally and physically I know! My hair turned straw-like too and the worst part? I knew exactly what to expect as I helped my mother make the same mistake just a few years ago!!! And yes I always take a photo of these horrific 'science experiments' just for???? A laugh I think! After all 'it's only hair I tell myself ;-) Hurray for that spare box of darker colour....but no it doesn't work the same after bleaching...oh dear!  At least your hair is thick and strong (or was ha ha!). Mine is so baby fine...I swore it would fall out....actually it did snap off rather a lot :-D Fun being a girl isn't it!!!