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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Daily Chai Calls Her Mother's Place Home Sweet Home

Today's chai. Don't even. When exactly was I supposed to get one? And Starbucks still refuses to deliver, even though I've asked ever so sweetly.

So I'm all moved in to my mom's place. She is all moved out. Which makes it my place now. Jebus. I liked it better when it was my mom's place, her stuff is nicer. Right now it's so full of my crap and the kids' crap and there are so many boxes everywhere that I kind of want to kill myself.

I lived here every other week for seven and half months. I lived out of a suitcase in the spare room and never had the right things. Most of my stuff was at my old house and I really just brought enough clothes for work and a few comfy things for play. I couldn't wait for all my stuff to be here so I would have everything in one place and never be without some vital item.

Reality is this: I have no idea where anything is although I'm reasonably sure I have everything in one place.  So while I am incredibly miserable at the moment, I see the light! Progress!

This is currently what the shoes look like in my closet:

In my defence, that one blue Chuck belongs to Kate. Yes, the rest are mine. *hangs head*

I believe the term you are looking for, once again, is #firstworldproblems.

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