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Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Daily Chai is Getting Ready

Today's chai was only a tall but it was delicious. I enjoyed it in my car while running around doing what felt like a million things. I much prefer being at the office and walking casually down to get my chai and enjoying it later at my desk, but what can you do? At least it's Saturday and that means party night!

I took the rats to the Humane Society this afternoon and they were very nice about it and quite understanding, although I feel like a shithead dropping my kid's pets off there. The girl at the counter said several of the employees there are rat people and they would likely be adopted together very quickly, so that was good news at least.

I kept thinking about poor Kate and even though this came about because she neglected them, it's one more loss that she has to endure. When my parents broke up, we lived on a farm and when we had to move, our Newfoundland dog had to be given away and most of our cats. My mom arranged free board for my horse for a year with a family friend, so I was able to keep him a little longer, but eventually he had to go too. It sucks losing pets and you never really stop wondering what happened to them and if they were well taken care of after they left you. My pets are long dead, but I've often wondered what became of them. I did get to see my horse again, about five years later, I found out where he'd been sold (he'd been sold a couple times since we owned him). His new owner was this completely lovely old man that had bought him because he matched a mare the man already owned and when he found out that Duffy was my first (and, it turned out, last) horse, he was more than pleased for my mom and I to come visit him. That lovely guy (whose name I can't remember) took us out for lunch and then we went for a ride. Just another lesson about life, I guess. You never know what gifts it will bring you. When we sold Duff, I thought I would never see him again, but I got a chance to hug him and just stand near him, leaning on him, breathing in his horsey scent and stroking his red-brown coat, just as I used to do in the fields on our farm. It was a wonderful chance and I cherish the memory of it, but it was also hard to say goodbye to him one more time. In fact, it was so hard that I never went to see him again although his owner asked us to come back whenever we pleased. So...I feel for Kate, even if they are only rats. They were her pets and she loved them when she remembered to.

Moving on. Tonight is pub crawl night! I'm going out with people I love so much and I'm excited to see everyone in one place. Tomorrow's entry might be incoherent and hungover, but it'll be worth it! See you on the other side of the shenanigans!


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