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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Daily Chai is Made of Sushi

Today's chai was being a selfish bitch again and refused to come home with me. WTF? I'm actually looking forward to Mondays now because at least I can count on a chai latte Monday morning. Well. Possibly. The machine was broken on Friday. WHO KNOWS WHAT MONDAY WILL BRING.

I just watched the Game of Thrones finale. Now I can obsess about Orange is the New Black properly. My Dawson's Creek obsession didn't last long, sadly. Once I found out Jenn dies in the series finale, I was pretty much done with that. Teach me to watch the last episode first.

It's been a kind of boring weekend, just packing trying to get ready for the movers on Tuesday. However, I did have a nice treat today as I met my cousin, her husband and two kids as well as my good friend and her two kids for a sushi lunch that Kate planned as my birthday party. It would have started off better if Kate hadn't been acting like a petulant brat before we left. I'm pretty sure she is getting her period. I know she is only nine, but Jesus, that kid's mood swings are incredible. I hate to blame it on hormones because it drives me nuts when people do that, but I'm at a loss to explain it any other way. Poor kid too, I'm not the most patient when she's pouty and nasty, so I yell at her a lot. I wish I could say I'm awesome and understanding and sweet to her, but it irritates the shit out of me when she starts to cry because I looked at her funny.

Lunch itself was lovely. I ate until I couldn't move and I'm still burping salmon 9 hours later. Anna behaved abdominally and it's a damn good thing she is adorable. I'm going to have to watch that one, she gets away with a lot because she flashes me that toothy, saucy grin and I start laughing, I can't help it. I was so much more strict with Kate. Maybe I am just too tired now that I'm old. I did make Anna stop running laps around the table after about the fifth one. Kate wouldn't have made the first one, I would have been hauling her back to her seat and telling her to behave. Ah well, the youngest always gets all the breaks.

I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking things that I'd spent the morning packing up. Delightful times in the Tees-King household. Woot.

Kate had her dance recital yesterday and I was pretty impressed. I actually said to her, "I was sort of expecting you to suck because you missed so many classes and you never practice, but you were amazing! I'm so proud of you!" I can only describe the look she gave me as withering and then she laughed and said, "Thanks, it was really cool being on stage again." I probably shouldn't have said I expected her to suck, but I meant it in the nicest possible way. It's a good thing that kid gets me.

UPDATE: It's been a week of not smoking. I told my friend it's a good thing I have the kids because I would be at the store buying a pack if I was on my own. She wrote back, "How come?" Because I would like a cigarette. No reason. I just like smoking. The fight continues.


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