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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Daily Chai is Not Murdered

Today's chai was bloody fantastic. Haven't spent a penny all week on them.
Kate needs a dresser at my new place so I've been trawling kijiji looking for something suitable because I'm too cheap to buy new and I'm all about the re-use philosophy. After a few days, something retro cute popped up and I emailed the person to see if it was available. Sure enough, it still was and the guy gave me directions to his place for a look see and possible pickup.
This was his email (in part): Use the driveway to the west of the apartment building. You'll see a dumpster there; park somewhere near it and then call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX and I'll come down to meet you. The dresser's in a garage near the dumpster. If it won't fit into your car, I can deliver it in my minivan. 

Now, I may just be completely paranoid, but some dingaling bells were going off a little bit here. "Park near the dumpster" in particular alarmed me as I pictured my body being sawn up into little pieces and dumped in it. That being said, I thought maybe I would ask him to just deliver it to my house, although I wasn't really sure I wanted him to know where I live. 

This was his reply back (in part): Is there any chance that you can come here to help me load it? I'm asking because I'd feel terrible if it got damaged while I was trying to load it by myself.

Dammit. Why does this weirdo want me to come to his apartment building so bad? Should I take his word at face value or is it just more convenient for him to dump my body if the dumpster is right there for him? That's it, I need reinforcements. I text my mom and even though she is sick and feels like death, she agrees that she will come with me to pick up the dresser, which, after re-reading the dimensions mentioned in the ad, will surely fit in my Golf once I put the seats down. Problem solved and I write the seller back to let him know I will come the next day WITH MY MOTHER (just in case he was getting any ideas) and I apologize for the number of emails that went back and forth while trying to arrange this purchase. 

This was his reply back (in full): It all sounds good to me. I've enjoyed our emails. :) See you tomorrow (I hope).


I really love Kijiji but these exchanges always make me very anxious when they can't take place at the mall. It probably doesn't help that I read the Want-Ad Murderer when I was a teenager which told the story of Harvey Louis Carignan, the man who lured young women to his gas station with help-wanted ads so he could rape and murder them. Creepy emails don't help either. 

Anyway, turns out the guy is very nice and he's old and probably a little lonely, judging from his emails. He did not try to kill or abduct me or my mother, much to our relief. After loading the dresser into my Golf, I sent a couple texts out to friends to tell them I wasn't murdered and we all cheered. 


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