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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Daily Chai Hates Latte Machines

Today's latte didn't happen. I have high hopes that it might later, but you can't count on life working out for you when it comes to lattes apparently. See that tea on the left? I drank half of it and gave up. Only my coffee buddy made it worth the trip downstairs to get it.

I have my kids for a couple days while the ex is travelling for work which is great because it means I get to see them for a little extra time this week. The only glitch in the plan was that I had plans tonight to go to a card making workshop with my bestie. Thankfully one of my awesome friends who just happens to have kids that my kids adore was able to fill in on Mom duties for me tonight and I was able to go after all. The cards are downstairs and I am upstairs so I will post pics later, but while your estimation of me may have slid down a notch because I went to a card making workshop, you will understand when you see these adorable creations. Plus, ultimate bestie fun time. win/win

On the way home, after picking up my children, Anna was holding my friend's hand (my god, that woman has the patience of a saint, riding all the way home with her arm twisted behind her) and Anna decided that she liked my friend's wedding band and engagement ring and told her she wanted them. And then proceeded to try to take them off. But not, like, really obviously, she was being quite stealth about it, just tugging very gently at them and then pausing to see if my friend had noticed. Considering she had already announced that she was going to take them, we both found it amusing that she was trying to be sneaky about it. Then she announced to Kate that if she managed to get them off, she would share them, that Kate could have one and Anna would keep one. What a generous little soul my girl happens to be. She also has really good taste as my friend's wedding rings are pretty spectacular.

I had a good solo weekend this time around. Chatted via text most of the night with a friend on Friday, slept late on Saturday and then went out to buy a big ass TV which I managed to get out of the car by myself (and have the scrapes and bruises to prove it!). Went to the Multicultural Fest in the afternoon with a newly single mom friend that I haven't seen since her break up about a month ago. I have to say, even though that is something I would normally have taken my kids to, it was awfully nice to walk around with a grownup who wasn't asking me to buy her stuff and I could sit and eat my lunch without worrying about feeding her. Grown-up time is amazing sometimes! Sunday I slept until noon and spent the afternoon unpacking and rearranging of Anna's room. Had a wonderful meal with my brand new step-family (I lucked out on that score) to celebrate Father's Day. Father's Day is a little difficult for me because I miss my dad most on days like that (even though I remember vividly one Father's Day that ended badly and resulted in me not seeing or talking to my dad for six months!). As anyone who has lost a parent knows, you never stop missing them, but those special days that you are supposed to spend with them can be (sometimes surprisingly) painful. I was very happy to end a somewhat emotional day with such great people.

It's weird to be in my new house without the kids or my mum (who successfully moved into her husband's house the same day I moved into hers). I mean, I have spent solo weekends here already when I didn't have the kids, but this was the first weekend it was real, permanent and mine alone. I was a bit choked up on my way home from work thinking about it, this almost final step of separation. Like I said, each stage of divorce has a way of kicking you in the teeth when you least expect it. Thankfully, that crappy feeling was soon dulled by white wine soothing my soul. I may have sent a few ill-advised texts to various people, but on the whole, I was well-behaved and grown-up. Plus, I have a new, giant TV to distract me from real life.


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