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Monday, June 01, 2015

The Daily Chai Had a Busy Monday

Today's Chai was free. 'Nuff said. 

The kids and I stayed at my new place last night which meant an hour drive this morning into our old town to drop them for school and daycare and then back to get to work. Since we're set to move the big furniture June 16th, I figure this was a good practice run for the the rest of the school year. I felt bad about getting them up so early but they are little troopers and it only took a little conjoling  to get them out of bed. 

I've put the pet rats on Kijiji to go to a "dedicated " home. I think rat ownership may take a certain type of person and Kate is not that type. In a vain effort to prove to me that she should be allowed to keep her rats, she's cleaned out the cage and vacuumed the floor and is now working on sweeping the downstairs. However, after months of cleaning their cage and watching as they spent evening after evening in their cage, my heart is immovable. Rats are great pets for people who like to have little critters in their pockets. Like I said, it takes a certain person for rat ownership. 


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