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Thursday, June 04, 2015

The Daily Chai Took Too Long

Today's chai was amazing. It was so good, I needed a chaperone just so things didn't get too out of control. 

I should probably say that I think the mystery of the blocked ex may be that he deactivated his account. One of our mutual friends texted me today to say she's been blocked too but then she went to search him and it came up that his profile was deactivated. At this point, I don't really care, but I feel it's only fair to correct the assumptions made in yesterday's post so that any other mutual friends aren't insulted/hurt by my claims when it's a simpler explanation of him just wanting a break from Facebook. See? That's why I shy away from writing nasty things about people. I'm usually wrong!

Moving on! Took the kids to the park tonight. My most hated activity. I used to play with Kate and run around with her, I was that crazy mom, yelling and playing with the kids. Now she has a whole other human to play with so I encourage them to play together while I sit. And now I'm that mom that just sits on her phone. And I swear, just stepping foot in the playground exhausts me. I can't stop yawning! In any case, the girlies had fun and went home exhausted and ready for bed. Likewise! 

More tomorrow!


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