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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Daily Chai is Going to Bed Early

Today's chai was lovely. I love my daily tea quest.

Life with kids is busy. Love those little rug rats. Kate had a mini-recital for piano today which the parents are not allowed to watch, only the students. It gives the kids a chance to play in front of other students without being overwhelmed in front of a crowd of parents. I understand the idea behind the mini-recital, but it's pretty boring sitting there for 45 minutes while listening to kids play behind closed doors.

Afterwards, we went to get Anna and made tacos for dinner because it's TACO TUESDAY! I swear I don't do that on purpose, but we always seem to have tacos on Tuesday. I'd love to say it's my impeccable mother timing, but it's luck. God, those kids eat slow. Or maybe I just eat really fast. I made a taco salad and was done, utensils crossed on my plate, before they had finished their first taco. I had to sit there for HOURS while they ate six other tacos with and without meat, some with just sour cream, some with just cheese and lettuce. Anna was thrilled to make her own, but asked me to roll it up, "Make sure you fold the bottom up so it doesn't get messy mom," was her advice to me. Thanks kid. You'll be messy regardless. Then I told them they could help me with the washing up and the unloading of the dishwasher or they could get out of my hair for half an hour while I did it myself. They skidaddled. My evil mom plan worked!

My ex has blocked me on Facebook. And then he blocked a bunch of our "mutual friends" that he knew through me. Some of them are pretty upset about it, I mean, what did they ever do to him? One of them, in fact, said she hugged him when we first broke up and told him she backed us both and everything would be okay and we would get through this. I think that was pretty kind of her considering, but I guess he doesn't want anyone spying on him for my sake. As if anyone would and what? Write a full report and email it to me complete with footnotes and screenshots?  I was hoping that we didn't have to draw a line in the sand, that we could be amicable about this, but I find this type of thing silly and petty. It's just Facebook but unfriending people and/or blocking them hurts their feelings. Ridiculous as that may be, it's true.

The funny thing is, he told me at Christmas that if I ever get married again that I should put something in the pre-nup about how to handle social media should there be a break up. We kind of laughed about it because even though Facebook is so prevalent in our social lives, we didn't grow up with this and we often don't know how to handle these situations. When is it okay to start posting pictures of your new sig oth? When do you change your status from "in a relationship" to "separated"? At the end of the day, it doesn't REALLY matter, given the grand scheme blah blah, but you know, those little stings can eat away at you. Given what I have heard from other people about their own Facebook breakups and how some thoughtless posts have personally hurt me, I think about these things and do my best not to post hurtful things. However, since I've been blocked, I guess I don't need to worry about that anymore!


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