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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Daily Chai Had a Good Time

Today's Chai has been very tardy. Not sure I will get this published before my midnight deadline!

Another childless weekend comes to a close and I have to say, I spent most of it sleeping. Thrilling, I know, but honestly, I get so little sleep during the week, this old gal needs it when the chance arises.

I do like the single life for its spontaneity. When I was married and wanted to have a girls' night, I'd have to plan something weeks and sometimes months ahead of time just to make sure my kids' would be cared for while I was out. Plus, you have things going on with other families that mean you don't have a lot of weekends free to go out dancing. However, with my new-found freedom every other weekend, when someone says, "What are you doing tonight, do you want to go out?" I can say yes please!

So last night was spent drinking and dancing and generally having a good time at a local club with one of my closest friends. I am reliving my youth! Ha! And feeling how very far away that youth is when I wake up in the morning! I had one of those Norwex parties to go to at noon, which was great because I got to see a couple of my girlfriends that I absolutely adore, but I went home after and went to bed. Also great!

I also got a chance to FaceTime with my girls and for once, it was a good conversation with no crying and fuss about not wanting to say goodbye and they both actually talked to me instead of wandering away or sitting there picking her nose (that would be Anna, because Kate thinks it's super gross and would never EVER do that mummy). Lovely little people they are. And Kate has decided she wants me to buy her a mermaid tail that she can really swim in while wearing it. Did you know this is a real thing? After we hung up, I got about seven texts begging me to buy them both mermaid tails, complete with screen shots. My non-committal reply will mean nothing to her, I'm sure. These things start at $60! Jebus.

I leave you with dreams of mermaid tails and summer fun....summer is coming folks!!


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David tz said...

I have a friend here in Thailand who makes these mermaid tails. I can ask how much they are if you like. It's unlikely they are as much as $60 here, but the cost of shipping can be pricey.