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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Daily Chai is Having a Mad Max Marathon Weekend

Today's chai is a little tardy this weekend. Sorry about that. I can't always be available to entertain you, I can only promise to be entertaining when I am. Besides, it's the long weekend, give a latte a break, would ya?

In honour of the new Mad Max movie out this weekend, I've been watching the trilogy this weekend. I think I loved the movies as a kid because my brother loved the movies as a kid. I remember very clearly that David had a birthday party and we watched one of the Mad Max movies in our awesome attic family room and I was just riveted. I was probably six years old. Which makes me laugh because I wouldn't allow Kate or Anna watch any of those movies in a million years! I watched the second one last night and even as an adult I cringed at a few of the scenes of carnage and destruction. Remember that one part where the guy is working under a truck and a car comes flying through the air, smashes into the truck and the guy underneath is crushed? Oh. My. God. No wonder I am so dark and twisty inside, growing up watching that violence. Amazing how I haven't turned out to be a serial murderer though, isn't it? And I still cringe at the graphic violence so I'm not completely desensitized to violence either. INTERESTING. Take that, analyzers of the effect of media violence on children! Just one dark and twisty grown-up.

And yes, I had to look up the difference between effect and affect ONE MORE TIME because I can't remember the difference, but at least I know there is a difference and I am obsessive enough care enough to make sure I use them correctly.

I have decided that everyone on Facebook gets the same amount of likes as everyone else, but you can't go by the numbers, you have to go by percentage. So those of you who are like, omg, that girl gets so many likes...check her friend list...does she have 1900 friends? And she got 162 likes for that fucking awful picture of her feet that she posted and you only got 38 for that adorable kitty picture you posted?  Well, you need to look at the percentage. Only 8.5% of her "friends" liked that post. Meanwhile, you have a much more modest list of 360 people, of which 10.5% liked your post, so don't worry, your kitty picture IS actually better. Don't you feel better about yourself? In this world where the number of likes is the basis for your self-esteem, this is an important distinction.

And that folks, is why you should have paid attention in math. And why Facebook is basically ruining society. My favourite, by the way, is people posting nostalgic pictures of their childhood and why it was SO MUCH BETTER when we didn't have video games, the internet, smartphones and social media to ruin all our good times. You do know that you wouldn't be able to share that picture without three of those four things, right?



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