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Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Daily Chai Parties with the Best of Them

Today's chai delicious especially since I was...ahem...slightly hungover. Plus it was just a beauty day to sit on the porch and enjoy it!

I went out last night with an old friend from high school that I don't think I've seen since high school but have maintained pretty consistent contact with over Facebook and texting since she lives in Edmonton. So great to have a few drinks with that gal, we picked up right where we left off. I love those friendships, the ones where you may not see people regularly, but that connection is still there no matter how much time and space has come between you. I think any true friends you may have are like that. That the connection, a real connection, never disappears. It can transform and evolve but it's always there, sometimes dormant, just waiting to make an appearance and then BAM, you see the person again and it's like the good old times you always had together.

This would be funnier if octopus was spelled correctly

When you think about it, the universe is built that way, so it's not surprising human relationships can follow the same pattern. Did you know that the total amount of energy in the universe is constant?  There is never more or less created, but merely transformed? True fact and your science lesson for the day from someone who works at an insurance company.

I drank my giant bottle of Smirnoff Ice and had a shot of tequila and we were ready to go to the bar. The bar itself was a little lame, not a lot of people showed up for the grand opening of the new place we went to, so that was disappointing, but we had a good time regardless. We took over the main floor dancing because we didn't feel like going down to the actual dance floor and we are just assholes that way. I was coaxing someone to come dance with us and said, "Look, there's lots of room!" and as I spun around, I violently smacked my hand into a man's arm and made his drink go flying. Have you ever seen A Christmas Story? You know the scene where they are changing the tire and the kid is holding the tire bolts in the hubcap and the father turns around and whacks the hubcap up into the air? The bolts go flying in slow motion and the kid describes them twinkling for a moment in the moonlight before disappearing into the night? That was essentially what happened to this man's drink. We both stood there in shocked silence as his glass flew into the air and its liquid contents made a sweeping arc against the black ceiling before falling to the ground. Miraculously, the glass didn't break when it hit. And I wasn't even that drunk when this occurred! This is just how my life is, everyone around me is in danger at all times from my flailing limbs and fumbling fingers.

I felt absolutely awful and bought him a new drink, which he said wasn't necessary but I insisted, "Oh yes, it is very necessary. My karma basically depends on it!" Kudos to the busboy who picked up the fallen glass without missing a stride.

This story would have been funnier if I had then smacked his second drink out of his hands with my crazy dance moves, but alas, it's only as funny as one spilt drink.

Cabbed back to our buddy's place and spent the night in a comfy, strange bed because I am responsible and I don't drink and drive!


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