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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Daily Chai is Back...Okay, Partially Back.

Today's chai latte was a true blue chai latte and I loved it. Loved the company I was with too, good friends make everything better.

Day three of recovery. Feel almost normal, although not 100%. Right now, I am exhausted having picked up the kids after school, went straight to dance, ran some errands during Kate's class, went to Wimpy's (seriously full and gross feeling, I haven't eaten that much grease in a long time, but it was sooooooo good), got the kids home, saw my mom very briefly, figured out which school the kids will be going to next year, put the kids to bed, talked to a friend about a problem she is going through, made potential plans for next weekend with another friend, checked my email and Facebook and now I'm here. Phew! Early start to the day never seem to mean early to bed for me, unfortunately. God, I'm exhausted all over again reading that paragraph.

We're moving over big stuff in a two weeks and I haven't even started packing. My excuse right now is that I just had surgery. I really like that excuse. I've been using it a lot. I'm sure I've become very annoying actually, but I don't care, I just had surgery. My other excuse is that you don't have to pack the big stuff, it doesn't fit in boxes. So basically, in the moving department, I'm golden.

Sorry folks, I really am that tired that I can't think of a single thing worth recording, so I will leave you with morning coffee only half drunk and my apologies.


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