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Friday, May 01, 2015

The Daily Chai is the Girl with the Dragon Tattoos

Today's latte was extra good as I had a chat with some lovely ladies who never fail to brighten my day.

I got my second dragon tattoo on Tuesday and I love it. It's massive, on my right leg and looks amazing with my snowflake tattoos on my ribs and side. My mom thinks I will have to join a circus now because I'm becoming a tattooed lady, but I got lots of room left yet.

The leg tattoo was done by Tristan Everett, you can see more of his art by clicking here

There is something about having tattoos that no one can see that makes one feel badass. I feel like a blank slate that is reinventing itself with art. I could be anyone or anything at any given moment. The idea appeals to me.

On my back, done about 10 years ago

A friend sent me this link a few days ago and I liked it very much: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows I particularly liked this made up word, partially because of its German origins and partially because of its meaning. Translated from German, it means "wall building sadness."


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Anonymous said...

Wowza - that is quite the dragon !!! Remember to use lots of sunblock or it will fade :-) - SC